Sharon Osbourne is ''still haunted'' by Kelly Osbourne's naked butt.

The 'Talk' co-host admits she wasn't impressed when her daughter uploaded a risky photograph of herself with her jeans around her knees displaying a bright pink thong and her butt on Instagram last June.

Discussing the image on her US chat show, the 62-year-old star said: ''A couple of months ago, Kelly did a picture of herself getting ready in her dressing room and it was off her behind and she had her tong on and it still haunts me today.''

But Sharon insists she wasn't disappointed by the image.

She said: ''Honestly it really... I can't say it disappointed [me] because it was like having a bikini on, but I was like, no please don't go down that road. Don't.''

The British star also says she would never watch any of her children if they appeared in a sex scene for a movie or TV series.

She said: ''I could never watch anyone in my family do something sexual.''

'Fashion Police' star Kelly, 30, previously confessed she loves showing off her figure after losing 70 pounds in 2009.

Alongside a photograph of herself in a black bikini last October, she wrote: ''Thank you @ms_go_lightly for taking this pic its such a confidence booster! I don't give [a] f**k I look good! #nofilter (sic)''