Sharon Osbourne looks like she's had ''a lot of sleep in a tomb'' after undergoing a facelift.

The 66-year-old star revealed in May she was planning to get a ''new face'' and would show off the results when her daytime show 'The Talk' returned in September but now she's just a few days away from the big reveal, she insisted nothing has dramatically changed about her appearance since she went under the knife last month.

She told 'Entertainment Tonight': ''It's not a new look. I mean, what am I gonna do? I'm gonna come back looking like Michael Jackson? No. I'm going and just having a refresh. Like I've had a lot of sleep. In a tomb. Embalmed.''

When she appears on 'The Talk', Sharon's famous family - husband Ozzy and their kids Aimee, Kelly and Jack - have never told her there's anything about their lives that she's not allowed to talk about but she insisted she only speaks about personal situations if she thinks they can help the viewers at home.

She said: ''We'll just see what happens. I don't believe in just airing dirty laundry to air it. I believe it has to have some kind of, you know, practical purpose or helpful reason to do it.

''But just to go to my life, everybody's life is tough.

''And I think that if you can do something like, we share things about if you can't afford therapy for your children, when my son passed away, you know, one of the best things I learned was to get journals and we wrote back and forth when the kids couldn't communicate.

''There's a lot of things you learn that you can share with people. I think that's the kind of sharing that is so beautiful at this table.''

In May, Sharon - who vowed in 2012 not to have any more cosmetic surgery - admitted she wanted a ''new face'' because she didn't want to look like her mother.

She said: ''My next surgery is booked. I'm having it in August, so when we come back to film in September, I will have a new face. I'll look like I used to do creams.

''I never took a picture to a doctor and said, 'I want to look like Catwoman. I didn't want to go that far. I didn't want to look like my mom, because I looked like my mom.''