Shaun Ryder wants to work with Noel and Liam Gallagher.

The Happy Mondays and Black Grape frontman is at the top of former Oasis guitarist's Noel's list to write a song with, along with fellow Manchester icon Morrissey.

However, the 'Step On' hitmaker says he'd be down for hitting the studio with either of the brothers - who have been embroiled in bitter sibling rivalry ever since the 'Wonderwall' group split up in 2009, after a backstage fight at their concert in Paris, which saw Liam throw a guitar around his ex-bandmate and brother's head.

Speaking to the Daily Star newspaper, Shaun, 56, said of a possible collaboration with Noel or Liam: ''I read just the other week that Noel said he wouldn't mind doing something with me, I'm up for that, of course I am.

''Liam as well. Of course once Noel said it then Liam had to say it, they both really are great kids.

''I say kids, they're pushing 50 both of them.

''They're brilliant.''

Shaun and Noel, 51, have in common that they both worked on Damon Albarn's animated group Gorillaz's 2017 LP 'Humanz'.

On who he'd like to work with, Noel previously said: ''If I could write a song for Morrissey that would be great because he was a big part of my teenage years.

''I'd like to write a song with Shaun Ryder as well, that would be great fun. I would work with anyone and everyone.''

There is every opportunity for Shaun to get into the studio with Liam as he is working on his second LP, following the success of his 2017 debut solo album 'As You Were'.

Noel also releases music with his High Flying Birds and their most recent record was 'Who Built The Moon?'.

Happy Mondays and Oasis - who are unlikely to reunite as both brothers have ruled out reforming the Britpop group - were known for their wild rock 'n' roll antics back in the 90s, and Shaun previously revealed he and Liam, 46, were once banned from a bar in their hometown.

He recalled: ''I remember when the Dry Bar got taken over in the late-90s and I'd moved to Ireland and not been in town for a while, and I came back and walked in, and I see this big sign saying ''Shaun Ryder and Liam Gallagher are banned from this bar,'' and I thought, 'F***ing hell.' So I had to have that sorted out.''

Meanwhile, one fellow Mancunian Shaun isn't planning on working with, is The Stone Roses' frontman Ian Brown.

He quipped: ''Me and Ian Brown will never do anything together because I'm so much taller than him and better looking, it will never work with me and him.''