Sheryl Crow was left stranded in a parking lot when her Tesla suffered a blackout on Wednesday (03.04.19).

Luckily for the 57-year-old country music legend, the electric car company's CEO Elon Musk was on hand to offer some troubleshooting fixes over Twitter and he admitted it was in fact their fault.

The 'Soak Up The Sun' hitmaker tweeted: ''Help! Who knows what to do when your @Tesla screen goes black and the reset doesn't work? Return it and get your money back?? #Tesla #stuckinaparkinglot (sic)''

The 'Tomorrow Never Dies' hitmaker was saved when Elon explained: ''Night mode with 0% brightness is actually too dark during the day. This is ultimately our fault. We will update our software so that 0% brightness is always usable relative to ambient conditions ... Change your screen preference from night mode to auto.''

Sheryl - who has two children, 11-year-old Wyatt Steven and eight-year-old Levi James - was met with several ''creative responses'', including getting her kids to help her and quipped that ''I knew I should have interrupted school''.

Updating her fans to let them know the issue was resolved after the 47-year-old billionaire entrepreneur spotted her tweet, she wrote: ''Problem solved! LOVED all of your creative responses. Best one was suggesting my kids take a look... which would have been helpful since my kid was the one who changed the settings / caused it to go black in the first place! I knew I should have interrupted school... (sic)''

The Grammy-winner also shut down any ''haters'' suggesting she doesn't like Tesla and insisted that she had bought a ''basic model'' because it was less pricey than her minivan.

She added: ''Also, for the haters: I love my @Tesla, and have very few problems. I got the basic model, nothing overly fancy, and it was cheaper than my minivan!''