Sienna Miller won't use Instagram because it gives her a ''ton of anxiety''.

The 'American Woman' star refuses to use the photo-sharing site because she finds it ''very utopian'' and she believes it makes people feel ''more anxious, more depressed and less connected''.

She said: ''I don't even have the [Instagram] app. It's very utopian, like everybody should feel okay and connected, but I do see that people are more anxious, more depressed and less connected than they were before. When I had [the app], every car ride, every spare moment would be catching up on that, versus actually sitting and being alone with whatever I was feeling. You have to be willing to really expose your world and your life and open that up to people, and I just can't do it without a f**k ton of anxiety ... But as soon as I'm around someone who's got it, I'm like, 'Gimme your phone,' and I just totally crack out on it.''

And Sienna has confessed her daughter Marlowe, six - who she has with her ex Tom Sturridge - has started branding her ''not cool''.

She added: ''I've started to not be cool. I was dancing down the street the other day, which Marlowe used to find really funny, but she was like, 'Shhh!' It was the first time, a knife to my heart.''

The 37-year-old actress also opened up about how things have changed since the Time's Up and MeToo movement hit Hollywood.

She told the new issue of PorterEdit magazine: ''I recently got paid a significant amount of money for the first time in my entire life for a film that I did. I finally understood how it must have felt to be a man. Not as much, but I actually got paid [more than ever].''