Sigala has been in talks about a collaboration with Mariah Carey.

The 24-year-old DJ-and-producer - whose real name is Bruce Fielder - got into hot water recently after he sampled the R&B superstar's hit 'Always Be My Baby' in his song 'Say You Do', featuring Imani Williams, without asking her for permission beforehand.

But the blonde beauty doesn't seem overly fussed about Sigala's sample, as her team have reached out to the record producer about working with him in the future.

Speaking to the Daily Star newspaper, he said: ''Obviously there has been lots of legal stuff as we didn't really do it properly. But Mariah has apparently said she wants to work with me, which is insane. She's a complete legend so I'd love for that to happen.''

Sigala has made his name and enjoyed a string of his with his re-workings of classic pop tunes, and duets with major artists such as John Newman, Nile Rodgers and Craig David.

His breakout hit 'Easy Love' samples the Jackson 5 classic 'ABC', which features an 11-year-old Michael Jackson on lead vocals, and he is regularly told by people that prefer his interpretation of the track to the 1970 original.

Recently speaking to BANG Showbiz, Sigala said: ''Do you know what? All I've had is people come up to me to tell me they don't like the original but they like my new version. I was told the other day that my version has gone higher in the charts than the original actually did which I think is absolutely amazing. I just assumed the original was a number one but it actually only got to like to number eight ... I wasn't nervous about it, but I didn't realise it would become this monster of a tune so I didn't think about it at all, I just thought it would be a giggle and just did it.''