Sigourney Weaver felt 'A Monster Calls' was the ''perfect marriage'' between a great director and a good story.

The 67-year-old actress stars alongside Felicity Jones, Toby Kebbell, Lewis MacDougall and Liam Neeson in the J. A. Bayona-directed fantasy movie, and has admitted she had a good feeling about the film from the outset.

She explained: ''I did feel that way about this movie. I felt it was such a perfect marriage of a great director with an amazing story. I felt the story was a fantastic and surprising allegory but against a very real situation.

''I just felt it was very rich kind of ... broth to get involved in. Also, for me, I've done a lot of bigger movies, and so I was very drawn to the idea of doing this very intimate story.''

The film centres on the fortunes of a young boy who tries to deal with the terminal illness of his mother and the stresses of being attacked by a local bully. But the boy's life turns around when he encounters a giant humanoid yew tree.

Sigourney told Collider: ''The script was very ambitious and I knew that Bayona would change it in a way. But I felt right away that we were in very good hands with Bayona and that they'd cast a very good cast ... you could just tell at the reading that it was going to work.

''Bayona's commitment to the film, you just knew that it was very important to him - and to all of us working on the film.''