'Inbetweeners' star Simon Bird become a father six months ago.

The 'Friday Night Dinner' star and wife Lisa Owens - who he married in 2012 - welcomed a son into the world earlier this year and the youngster has inherited his father's ''slightly judgemental air''.

Discussing whether Simon has seen his 'Friday Night Dinner' co-star Tom Rosenthal's other show, 'Flat TV', Tom revealed: ''Simon very cleverly watched it only after we finished filming 'Friday Night Dinner', because if he didn't like it, that would have made things very awkward.

''It would be like me saying his kid is s**t. Luckily, his kid is actually bloody great. He's got this bobbing head. And he's got this 'Simon Bird' slightly judgemental air about him.''

In a joint interview with Heat magazine, Simon then admitted: ''He is quite judgemental. He's six months.''

Tom - who also stars in 'Friday Night Dinner' with Tamsin Greig

Paul Ritter - added: ''He's only six months old but I feel like he's already patronising me. It's great.''

Meanwhile, fans will be seeing a lot more of the 31-year-old actor in the upcoming series of 'Friday Night Dinner'.

He said: ''This is the first time I've ever got naked in 'Friday Night Dinner'. Obviously, I've done it a whole load of times before in 'The Inbetweeners'.

''It's a scene where Adam [his character] is ill and Jonny keeps giving me wedgies and the pyjamas get progressively more threadbare until they're ripped off by Jonny in the most embarrassing of circumstances.

''There's a lot of male nudity in that episode. Scenes where I have no bottoms on, Tom has no top on and Dad has no top on.''