Simon West wants to direct a James Bond movie.

The 'Expendables 2' filmmaker is a huge fan of the franchise and thinks anyone would be ''crazy'' to turn down the chance to work on the iconic spy series, which currently features Daniel Craig in the lead role.

Asked if he'd like to work on a Bond film, he told BANG Showbiz: ''Who wouldn't? I grew up on Bond films. They are brilliant. I can't imagine anyone turning down a Bond film. Just for the soundtrack/music alone it's brilliant. You'd be crazy to turn down a Bond film.''

The 56-year-old filmmaker's most recent movie was 'Stratton', which is based on a series of books by former SBS officer Duncan Falconer, and sees Dominic Cooper in the title role trying to stop a terrorist cell from committing an atrocity in London, and he confirmed he'd also like to extend the franchise further.

However, he thinks it may be better suited to a television series rather than a number of movies as it would allow him to go into more detail.

He said: ''I would like to do more of them. There are so many stories and so many characters, it's almost too big for a film series but maybe TV

''I'm thinking about which way to go, whether to make another sequel or to use the film as an introductory for a TV series.

''The great thing about TV now is made on the same scale as movies but you can run much longer and get into the characters for longer so I'm a big fan of that now as the standard is so great, why wouldn't you want to spend two or three years with all those characters rather than a few months.''