Slaves can't play a gig without ironing their clothes.

Isaac Holman - who is joined by his best friend Laurie Vincent in the punk rock duo - has admitted he won't stand for not having an ironing band in his dressing room as he refuses to walk on stage with creased clothes, but he'll buy one himself if it isn't available.

Asked for their tips to fellow musicians, he said: ''When you play a gig, always, always make sure the venue has an iron.

''I get really funny about that. If they haven't got one I'll go and buy one.''

Laurie added: ''Just don't go out with creased trousers or a creased shirt on. No one is going to respect you.''

Isaac says even at home he loves ironing because it relaxes him.

He told Q magazine: ''I love ironing. I get offstage sometimes and do some ironing, it calms me down.''

Laurie added how it's important to make sure you buy a top notch iron.

He said: ''You've got to have a high-quality iron. You're going to buy it twice if you buy a s*** one. It's got to be a big name, like Braun.''

Laurie also lives by Y-fronts as they stop him getting a ''wedgy'' on stage.

He advised: ''Try out Y-fronts. So many of you will realise that they're much more comfortable than you think.

''I'm not saying that they're for everyone, but just try them.

''IT's not a good look picking your pants out of your arse in public and Y-fronts don't give you a wedgy because they go into the cracks do don't ride up.

''I made the move a couple of years ago.

''We started wearing the H&M David Beckham range.

''They're not as attractive when you're not wearing trousers, admittedly.''