British punk duo Laurie Vincent and Isaac Holman have confirmed that work on the follow-up to their Mercury Prize nominated debut album Are You Satisfied? is now complete.

The pair began working on their sophomore recording as soon as their first album was released, without stopping for a break. And they admit that they were motivated to complete it quickly in order to keep up momentum in today's fast-paced music business.

“In the modern world, where people like The Weeknd do three albums a year, it feels like there’s no excuse to drop off,” Laurie told website DIY. “We just felt like we had the material and we were writing really quickly, so were like, let’s just do it."

While it wasn't conceptual, the band had a vision for their new direction, and didn't leave it until they hit the studio for the magic to happen.

“It’s like the difference between accidentally having a baby and planning a baby. You know how some bands go away and say they’re gonna get in the studio and see what happens? explains Laurie. "We were like, ‘We’re gonna make an album, and it’s gonna be like this.’ It wasn’t a concept album as much as a planned pregnancy.”

Are You Satisfied? reached number eight in its first week on the U.K. Albums Chart. Despite the success of their first work, the pair admit that their new sound is "very different".

"We don’t think it’s that heavy, but everyone who hears it has said it’s punk. To me, it’s like if you blended the first EP, the last album and added a bit of new stuff. It’s got a bit for everyone," explained Laurie.

Slaves’ new album is expected to be released later this year (16).