The 42-year-old rocker was performing with his band at Aaron's Amphitheatre at Lakewood in Atlanta, Georgia on Wednesday (29Jun16), but due to recovering from the operation he was wearing a neck brace and was under doctors orders not to attempt any strenuous stage moves.

During the gig the Wait And Bleed singer risked further injury when he took what witnesses described as a "hard fall" off stage.

Fans who saw the fall took to Twitter to express their fears for the musician, with user @z0mbiebrains writing, "At the end of the show tonight Corey Taylor (sic) fell over and had to be supported out. It didn't look good at all."

Another, with the handle @THECLB803, posted, "Corey Taylor from @Slipknot took a hard fall at the end of the set tonight in Atlanta. Couldn't walk when they picked him up."

However Corey reassured fans with a post on the social media site explaining that although he had taken a major tumble, he had not injured himself any further.

Corey explained, "ATL (Atlanta): haha don't worry, I'm okay! I THINK that fall was one for the ages haha! DAMN it hurt- but DAMN what a crowd! See you again soon!"

The gig was the second date on their delayed tour with Of Mice & Men and Marilyn Manson, which had been due to begin on 9 June (16) but didn't kick off until Tuesday (28 Jun16) when Slipknot and Marilyn played in Nashville, Tennessee.

The reason for the tour's delay was to allow Corey to recover from the back surgery. Although the specific operation Corey underwent has not been revealed, he shared on Facebook that the medics operating on him had, "shaved the vertebrae down and all kinds of crazy s**t."