In a video obtained by website Blabbermouth, Taylor launched a foulmouthed tirade as he directed security to a section in the audience during the rock band's August 13 show at the Concord Pavilion in Concord, California.

The Slipknot star was incensed by a member of the audience, and had him thrown out of the venue for reasons that have not been made clear.

In the clip, Taylor points to the unknown fan and orders security to "get him the f**k out!". He adds: "That motherf**ker with the glasses. Get him the f**k out of here.' This is my fourth show and I've never seen that."

It's not the first time the 42-year-old rocker has tussled with a fan. Last month (July16) he had another concertgoer kicked out from the band's Toronto gig. Video footage that emerged showed an angry Taylor pointing at someone in the crowd and screaming: "You don't show me s**t, you little p**sy." Within 15 seconds, security escorted the person out, with Taylor waving and saying, "Bye bye, b**ch."

Speaking to the Q103 radio station in Albany, New York about the incident, Taylor described the ejected concertgoer as "just a typical idiot.

"The only thing I can say is he was a troll in a real life, man. He was just showing some serious disrespect; nothing I can say on the radio. But I had watched it… Honestly, what you're seeing (in the video) is the culmination of me trying to ignore it for the entire show and finally getting to the point where I'm, like, 'No. We're not doing this anymore. I've been doing this for twenty years now. I'm not doing that.' So he was gone."

In a separate incident earlier last month, Corey smacked the phone out of the hand of a texting fan during a Slipknot concert. He later tweeted, "If you're gonna text, stay home."