The film will be directed by Bobby Moresco, who co-wrote the screenplay for the Oscar-winning 2004 film Crash, from a script he wrote based on characters created by Joseph O'Donnell.

According to Deadline, the plot is crafted in the classic noir tradition, and follows shamed narcotics detective Danny Gallagher, to be played by Star Trek star Karl Urban.

Upon Danny's release from prison, he makes plans to seek revenge on his accuser, and investigates the mysterious car bomb murder of a local bookie's sister and soon begins to unravel an elaborate conspiracy. The plot's twists force him to confront a ruthless government agent, as portrayed by Modern Family actress Vergara, as well as his mentor, a retired police officer to be played by Garcia.

Andrea Iervolino and Monika Bacardi of AMBI Media Group and O'Donnell of Deadly Codes Productions are producing the film, and are looking forward to starting production in Rome this month (Mar17).

"Bent delivers on the best of film noirs - a main character driven by revenge who is forced to choose between the truth he knows, the evidence against that truth and the woman he loves most in the world," said Iervolino. "Karl, Sofia and Andy are a powerful onscreen trio who have a rich story to work with thanks to the brilliant story and characters created by Bobby and Joseph."

Bent will see Sofia take on a more serious role, having appeared in a range of comedies including 2015's Hot Pursuit, in recent times. She has recently also wrapped shooting on The Brits Are Coming, a heist film which also stars Uma Thurman and Alice Eve.

While the subject proves more familiar fare for Urban, who is starring in the upcoming crime story Hangman, with Al Pacino and Brittany Snow.