Sofia Vergara is going to focus on movie roles once 'Modern Family' wraps.

The 45-year-old actress and her castmates will be out of a job when the hugely successful ABC comedy wraps in 2019 once Season 10 airs.

Sofia admits she has been very lucky to play Gloria Pritchett since 2009 and knows she won't find another TV role as great so she plans to put her energies into films.

In an interview with Du Jour magazine, she said: ''It's going to be very sad for all of us to finish a show that has been so good to us. We've had the best schedule, we've had the best people working on the show, it's been a dream job, I think, for all of us. It's sometimes once in a lifetime for an actor to find a show as amazing as 'Modern Family' ... I know that the odds of me finding another 'Modern Family' are going to be very small so I think it's better for me to focus on doing more movies when I'm done. Now there are more options on TV, because there's Netflix, HBO and all of that miniseries stuff. But I'm kind of happy that I worked very hard throughout these nine years so financially I [don't have to] go crazy after it's done.''

Sofia did land a number of movie parts whilst appearing in 'Modern Family', including roles in 'Hot Pursuit', 'Chef' and 'Machete Kills', with varying degrees of success.

The 45-year-old Colombian star - who is married to actor Joe Manganiello - won't be too picky about what jobs she takes on though as she is realistic about her talent and her range as an actress.

She added: ''I can't be that picky because the truth is that I'm very new to acting, I've never had an acting class in my life. I always feel very honored to have a director or my agents call me to offer me a part. Unless it's something that I know I can't do, like if they're [looking for] singers, of course I'm not going to go to that audition! If it's a role I think that I can do I'll do it because for me it's all a learning experience.''