Sophie Turner doesn't ''remember much'' of her Las Vegas wedding.

The former 'Game of Thrones' star tied the knot with Joe Jonas in a secret ceremony after the Billboard Music Awards in May - which was made public after guest Diplo livestreamed the nuptials on Instagram - and she thinks it was a ''fun'' occasion, but she was quite drunk.

She said: ''I don't remember much of the night, so I think I had fun.

''Too many shots.''

The 23-year-old star - who held a second wedding in France last weekend - was never ''interested'' in marriage until she met the 'Sucker' singer in December 2016.

She told Grazia magazine: ''He's the male version of me.

''Marriage was just not something that I was interested in. I wanted to be a free bird.

''Then you just meet the right one and you're like, 'Ah never mind. F**k all of that, I want to get married. I'm good with the rest of my life being with this person.' ''

Friends think the couple are a great match because they are so supportive of one another.

An insider said: ''When Sophie feels insecure or has had health difficulties, Joe is there to reassure her and is so supportive when it comes to her career.

''She's coming up to a quiet spell, work-wise, which can be daunting but having him there means she's just excited to have a break.

''Sophie's the same, he was pretty scared to reunite with the [Jonas Brothers] because he just didn't know if it would be a success but she has been encouraging and kind every step of the way.''