Sophie Turner thinks 'Game of Thrones' ''toughened [her] up'' as a person

The 23-year-old actress portrayed Sansa Stark in all eight seasons of the HBO drama series and spending her teens working on the show made her grow up faster, while her alter ego's hard-hitting storylines - including being raped on her wedding night and eventually fleeing her husband - taught her a lot.

Asked if she thinks she matured differently to other women her age, she said: ''I think so.

''When you're starting your career at a young age, you're forced to grow up much faster.

''Also, playing a character like Sansa and having to endure all the things she did, toughens you up.

''In the last couple of seasons, she began to understand the rules of the game and to take control of her life, using her understanding of politics to achieve what others do with weapons.''

Sophie was thankful to go through the whole experience with her best friend and co-star Maisie Williams.

She told Psychologies magazine: ''Maisie has been the most wonderful friend to me over the years.

''We grew up together on 'Game of Thrones' and we have shared so many things and talked about everything.

''I hope that I have been supportive of her, too.

''We both leaned on each other during those times when we felt out of place and a little lost.

''It's been so good to have such a great friend like her around and we are still very close.''

But the British star - who is married to Joe Jonas - admitted it wasn't always easy going through her teens in the spotlight.

She said ''I grew up in the spotlight from the age of 13 to 21, which is generally the most turbulent time for every girl.

''Those are the years that are difficult, even if you're leading a normal life.

''You feel insecure and experience a lot of self-doubt. ''At times, it wasn't easy for me.''