Filmmaker Spike Jonze once helped the Beastie Boys write a movie script inspired by the hip-hop trio's music video for 1994 hit Sabotage.

The Being John Malkovich director took charge of the rappers' hilarious promo for Sabotage, which served as an homage to, and parody of, hit 1970s crime dramas such as Hawaii Five-O and Starsky and Hutch, but once the video wrapped, they decided to expand the idea into a big screen project, too.

Jonze claims the unreleased script centred around one of the late Adam 'MCA' Yauch's wacky characters, his filmmaker alter ego Nathanial Hornblower, while he also planned to portray Sir Stewart Wallace, another figure from the Sabotage video, in the movie, reports

He says, "The four of us wrote a script together. It was called We Can Do This because... it was so surreal and out there... It just would've been ridiculous and fun... There were no 1970s cops in it, but it was definitely in the same spirit."

Yauch's bandmates also featured in the script, with Michael 'Mike D' Diamond set to bring his country singer persona, Country Mike, to life on the big screen.

And Jonze reveals the songs Diamond recorded for his album Country Mike's Greatest Hits, which he gifted to family and friends for Christmas in 2000, were actually intended for We Can Do This.

He adds, "It was about Hornblower. Mike played a country star - those songs we wrote for the movie, actually. Adam Horovitz played this kid, Nino Vincenzi, who lived on Roosevelt Island (in New York) with his dad who was a mechanic, and (he) was a little bit (like) John Travolta (in) Saturday Night Fever... He had all these dreams and aspirations, but he was awkward and couldn't dance. So he didn't even have that going for him.

"But yeah, I forget all the different characters but... it would have been funny."

Yauch died of cancer in May, 2012.