Spike Lee would love to work with Bradley Cooper one day, years after he turned him down at an audition.

The 'A Star Is Born' hitmaker recently revealed he was rejected by the filmmaking legend around 10 years ago but Spike has insisted he is keen for the duo to team up professionally soon.

Asked if he would like Bradley to audition for him again one day, Spike said: ''He ain't auditioning no more, nor should he. You have to offer him the script, the role. He and I are cool and I would love to work with him one day, would love to, would love to.''

However, Spike admits he can't remember rejecting Bradley but he joked the knock-back didn't have any effect on his later career.

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight, he added: ''He says it happened, I believe him but he doesn't know what it was. He wasn't Bradley Cooper then, but you know what? It worked out for him. He's doing alright. My brother Bradley Cooper, he'll be alright.''

Bradley had previously revealed he auditioned for Spike a decade ago but was ushered out the room ''quickly''.

Speaking during a panel discussion at the Directors Guild Theatre, he shared: ''You get a chance to read for Spike Lee, you're never going to forget that.''

However, it ended up working out pretty well for Bradley, as he has had a number of nominations this award season including an Oscar nod for the Best Actor prize for his performance as Jack Maine in 'A Star Is Born'.

Admitting he would be ''very emotional'' if he won, he said: ''If that were to happen, it'd be incredible. It'd be unbelievable. I'd be very emotional.''