Spike Lee doesn't think the success of black stars at the 2017 Oscars should mask the lack of diversity in Hollywood.

The 'Do the Right Thing' actor has been an outspoken critic of the Academy Awards over the years and despite increased levels of recognition at this year's bash, Spike maintains there is still a huge problem within the movie business.

Reflecting on the so-called #OscarsSoWhite debate, Spike said: ''Every 10 years, black people win a lot of Oscars. And then we read articles in Variety magazine and others, the black audience has been discovered.

''It's a renaissance then there's another nine years of drought. It should be constant. I will put my money on this. The reason why what happened at the Oscars this year was because the year before was #OscarsSoWhite.''

Spike, 60, believes the Academy made a conscious decision to embrace diversity in 2017, with black performers having failed to secure a nomination in the acting categories in 2016.

Speaking to Variety, Spike explained: ''That was a bad look for the Academy. And they had to switch up, get more inclusion, get more people, try to get more diversity among the voting members.

''But what happened this past Oscars, you think that's going to happen [next] year?''

The acclaimed director also claimed it's important that the movie industry reflects broader trends in American society.

He said: ''We have to be in the room, when they have these meetings, where they decided what films are going to get made. To me, that's where the power is. And I think diversity is the way to go.

''It's not Spike Lee saying it. The US Census Bureau has said that by 2040, white America is going to be in the minority.''