The actress reprises her role as Princess Leia in the franchise's seventh installment, Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens, and she teamed up with TV host Ellen DeGeneres to perform a fundraising stunt ahead of the L.A. premiere on Monday.

Fisher donned a hairpiece similar to the style she made famous in the original Star Wars movies, and held up a sign encouraging motorists to stop and pick up tickets for the movie's opening night later this week (beg14Dec15).

The pair's signs read "Star War$ tickets" and "We're UR (your) only hope!", and fans who handed over money were informed the proceeds would be going to good causes.

The stunt was filmed for a segment of Ellen's U.S. TV chat show.

"We tried to sell tickets and we actually ended up being very charitable," Ellen explained. "We were raising money for charity, and we didn't really have a charity in mind. We had signs and we wanted to see how many people we could get to pull over to give tickets to the opening night of Star Wars."

During her interview on the show, Carrie opened up about about her part in the Star Wars original trilogy and insisted she has grown tired of being asked whether she knew the films would be such a huge hit.

"People do ask me, and I think that's the craziest question," she explains. "'Did you know it was going to be that big of a hit?' So now I say, 'Yes! In fact, I thought it would be bigger. And I'm let down.' So I know this one's going to do well too because I'm psychic."

The new film, which is released this week (beg14Dec15), reunites Carrie with her original castmates Harrison Ford and Mark Hamill.