Status Quo star Rick Parfitt has thrown his support behind Sir Cliff Richard as the veteran singer faces a sex abuse probe.

The Young Ones singer's home was raided in August (14) as part of a historic sex abuse investigation following a claim that he attacked a 16-year-old boy in 1985.

Parfitt, who has been close pals with Richard for more than 30 years, is angered by the incident and admits he was "really annoyed" over the raid as the singer's name will be tarnished regardless of guilt.

The rocker tells Britain's Event magazine, "I am really annoyed about it and I feel for him. With this kind of thing you're guilty until proven innocent aren't you? It changes your colour in front of the public at large. I think it's disgraceful that there's no anonymity. Hang on, nothing has been found, he's not been arrested. I hope nothing comes of it...

"I'm sure nothing inappropriate has gone on, I'd be devastated if it had. Cliff has been wonderful over the years. His popularity goes without saying... He's done brilliantly in keeping his (religious) faith to one side. I think his faith gives him the strength to do that."