The guitarist and his partner Lyndsay were separately targeted by conmen posing as Swiss salesman and purporting to sell high-end kitchenware which the couple later discovered was poor quality imitation goods made in China.

Lyndsay splashed out $1,700 (£1,064) for the cookery products when approached by the men, who were dressed in "slick suits" and claiming to have leftover stock from an exhibition in Nueva Andalucia, Spain.

Days later, Parfitt fell for the same trick during an outing in Guadalmina, Spain and shelled out the same amount of money, meaning the fraudsters made more than $3,200 (£2,000) out of the couple.

Lyndsay tells Britain's Daily Mail newspaper, "I cannot believe we both fell for it... Neither of us are stupid or gullible, so it just goes to show how professional these guys are, very good at their act... When they start loading boxes into the boot (trunk) of your car it all looks legitimate. It is only when you get home that you realise you've bought a lot of cheap rubbish."