Status Quo musician Rick Parfitt feared for his life when he suffered excruciating chest pains while on tour earlier this month (Aug14).

The rock group axed a string of European tour dates after the 65-year-old guitarist was hospitalised in Croatia. He returned to the U.K. to undergo heart surgery to correct a problem stemming from the quadruple heart bypass operation he had in 1997.

Parfitt admits he was terrified during the ordeal, telling Britain's Daily Mail newspaper, "I was an inch away from dying... I remember the (tour) bus stopping at about 4.30am in the middle of nowhere and I started to feel very ill.

"I felt a terrible pain, in my chest and down both arms and across my shoulders. I didn't know if it was a heart attack or not but I suspected it was. I felt like an elephant starting to sit on your chest. You don't know whether you're going to die or not. You lay there in incredible pain not knowing what to do with yourself. There's no relief, you just hope you don't die."

Parfitt was released from hospital after four days and had to sit out a show while he recovered. He is scheduled to perform again with the group on Saturday (23Aug14).