Veteran British rockers Status Quo have stripped down and posed naked for the cover of their upcoming acoustic album.

Francis Rossi and Rick Parfitt, both 65, decided to take their new record, Aquostic (Stripped Bare), literally by posing completely naked with only their guitars covering their private parts.

Singer-turned-photographer Bryan Adams willingly took the shot for his friends, and Rossi admits going nude didn't exactly come easy.

He tells the Daily Mirror, "I sometimes get nervous before going on stage, but walking out in front of Bryan Adams with just a guitar to protect my modesty took some doing; I expect he was scared too.

"It makes for a great album cover but I'm definitely keeping my clothes on for the rest of my Quo career."

The band reimagined 22 of their songs for the stripped down album, including Rockin' All Over The World, Down Down and Pictures of Matchstick Men.

The news of the new album, to be released in October (14), comes after the duo was forced to halt a European tour after Parfitt underwent surgery to fix a complication related to his quadruple heart bypass in 1997.