Veteran British rockers Status Quo are preparing for a long journey home after finding themselves stranded in Moscow, Russia following the closure of airspace across Europe.
The stars are eager to return home after recently wrapping the Russian leg of their tour but they've been forced to stay a few extra days in the city as a result of the Icelandic volcano eruption last week (ends16Apr10).
Singer Francis Rossi says, "We've enjoyed spending extra time in Moscow but, after all we've been through over the years, I never thought that our touring schedule would be threatened by a volcano."
But the band is refusing to let the eruption disrupt their travel plans further - they are set to take the train to Warsaw, Poland before embarking on the lengthy drive back to the U.K. on their tour bus.
The volcano has caused air traffic chaos for more than six million passengers as more than 63,000 flights have been grounded due to the thick clouds of ash in the skies across Europe.