Embattled actor Stephen Collins has thanked fans and his 7Th Heaven castmates for their support through his child molestation scandal.

The star has been embroiled in the drama since October (14), when audio footage, in which he confessed to inappropriately touching young girls, surfaced online.

The footage was secretly recorded by his now ex-wife Faye Grant during a therapy session, but she denies leaking the tapes.

Collins later admitted to having inappropriate sexual contact with three female minors between 1973 and 1994.

7th Heaven was briefly pulled from being aired in the U.S. following Collins' scandal and he has voiced his joy at its return to American screens as he feels fans deserve to see the series.

He tells Tmz.com, "If I'm lucky enough to be asked to (comeback as an actor) I'd love that. I'm delighted (7th Heaven has been put back on air) because there's so many people who love the show and you know it took a while for my story to unfold and be understood so I'm so glad that they're providing it for people.

"I still get messages every day from people saying how much the show means to them and so I'm glad they're not being deprived of it because of something that happened to me. (My castmates') support has been amazing, it really sustained me through the whole time. I feel very fortunate in that way."