Stephen Gately's widower Andrew Cowles will receive nearly £1 million from his husband's estate.

The Boyzone singer - who died in Majorca last October as a result of a congenital heart defect - didn't leave a will at the time of his death, but according to figures released yesterday (26.05.10) by the Probate Registry, Andrew will still receive the huge sum.

Although mystery had surrounded Stephen's lack of a will, including reports at the time of his death that a version of it had gone missing, his internet entrepreneur civil partner will inherit £450,000 outright, as well as half of the rest of Stephen's estate - worth £519,910 - and his personal possessions.

Andrew, 32, spoke only days after his partner's death saying he wouldn't inherit any of his fortune because he wanted the money to go to either family or charity.

Despite this, the parents of the Irish star - who left behind £1.5 million after £2 million worth of debts were cleared - will receive half of his £519,910 estate.

His sister Michelle and brothers Alan, Mark and Tony will receive nothing.

Stephen and Andrew met in 2002 and a year later had a commitment ceremony in Las Vegas, before entering into a civil partnership in 2006.