The Stereophonics' Kelly Jones ''can't believe'' the band has been together for ''20 years''.

The 43-year-old lead singer of the group is proud the 'Dakota' himakers have ''never'' been forced to make a ''comeback'', and have continued to release a ''real catalogue of songs'' that have all been successful, because he would ''hate'' it if the band were known as a ''heritage act''.

The dark-haired hunk said: ''I'd hate to be a heritage act.

''We've never become dependent on one song or album, we've never had to make a comeback and we have a real catalogue of songs.

''I'm in a very happy place with my band. I can't believe it's been 20 years as it feels like ten.''

Although Kelly has been in the music business for over two decades and has worked with music legends including The Who and U2, he still gets the same ''buzz'' for making music as he did when he first started out.

The musician - who is also in the group with Richard Jones, Adam Zindani, Jamie Morrison and touring member Tony Kirkham - told The Sun newspaper: ''We've been lucky to have The Who, the Stones, Chilli Peppers and U2 ask us to go on tour with them and we enjoyed it all.

''When we first had success from headlining Glastonbury on the Pyramid Stage then playing V Festival, it all happened so fast.

''Now I'm used to things and am enjoying it all.

''Yesterday someone handed me the finished album 'Scream Above the Sounds' in cellophane for the first time.

''And I still get that buzz as I do putting in the hours in the studio -- to the point where it drives me f*****g nuts and I can't really listen to it again.

''So now I'm just dying to get back on the road and what a setlist we have to play from.''

And Kelly has advised his children Lolita Bootsy, 13, Misty, ten, and 19-month-old Riley - who he has with his wife Jakki Healy - to ''go and get life''.

Speaking about his parenting advice, he said: ''That's what I try to tell my kids. Just go on because we have no control over what will happen.

''I grew up with a protective mum and dad because I lived in a small town.

''With my upbringing I almost had to train myself to encourage my kids to go and get life as much as they can.''