Steve Aoki has created music for the fitness programme STRONG by Zumba.

The 39-year-old musician has teamed up with the bootcamp-style fitness class, which put on high intensity workouts to the beat of energetic music, and the star has made exclusive tracks to assist in creating moves in sync with the music, which is exclusively for the STRONG by Zumba Network named SYNC.

And the 'Just Hold On' hitmaker has revealed he jumped at the chance of collaborating with the company because he is a ''fitness freak''.

He said: ''It's no secret that I am a fitness freak! I'm always drawn to intense workouts that push me harder and STRONG by Zumba is doing this with music.

''It's the first time I've seen a fitness brand reverse engineer music by scoring the beats around the routines and I'm excited to join them in hacking motivation through music.''

And Steve is glad his melodies will be able to ''motivate'' people to burn calories and get fit.

He added: ''I love that I can translate my high-energy beats from the stage to the fitness floor and motivate people to burn calories and get toned.

''When we pair the song with the moves, the motivation factor is insane!''

And Steve has revealed coming up with new sounds for STRONG By Zumba was a ''unique process'', because he had to build the tracks around the fitness sessions and routines.

He said: ''Creating music for this program was a unique process. I received the routine and scored music around it, bringing the routine to life''

The CEO of Zumba, Alberto Perlman, has hailed Steve as the perfect match to create ''innovative sounds'' for the class.

He said: ''Aoki's innovative sounds, personality and creative energy match perfectly with Strong by Zumba. By working with world renowned producers, we are able to provide the best, most unique beats in every class that drive the ultimate afterburn.''

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