The comedian, author and talk show host mixed up the winners as he announced the new Miss Universe live - and initially named Miss Colombia Gutierrez the victor.

After realising his error minutes later, Harvey apologised to the audience, the viewing public and the contestants, and revealed Miss Philippines Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach had won and Gutierrez was in fact a runner-up.

Seeking her forgiveness as part of a two-part special for his Steve Harvey Show, which will air in America next week (beg18Jan16), the comic says, "This has caused a lot of sleepless nights for me. I didn't do any interviews until I could talk to the two people who were affected the most, Pia and Ariadna. No matter how tough it was for me, I can't imagine how it was for these two women. This finally gives me a chance to have a moment of closure."

Harvey also revealed that he and members of his family had received death threats following his live TV gaffe.

Wurtzbach, who also appears in the TV special, tells Harvey that she forgives him for initially not crowning her the winner.

"Don't beat yourself up for this anymore," she says in the trailer for the shows. "Let's move forward, let's just be happy."