Joseph Cooper was hired as a videographer for the comedian in 1993 and he claims he owns the rights to footage he shot from performances at Harvey's Dallas, Texas club.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the 59-year-old claims the footage was recorded for internal use and Cooper is trying to extort him by claiming he has potentially embarrassing material on the videos. He also alleges Cooper attempted to sell the videos to Harvey for $5 million (GBP3.8 million).

Last week (ends26Aug16), U.S. District Judge Jane Boyle ruled against two of Cooper's claims in relation to marketplace interference and she also dismissed Harvey's request to award an injunction. Boyle also refused to dismiss a breach of contract claim against Harvey after he alleged he never signed a contract granting Cooper commercial rights to the videos.

Boyle has ordered both sides to come up with a trial date before January, 2017, while Harvey and Cooper's legal teams have hired economists to determine the value of the videos from the 1993 performances.