The comedian, chat show host and Miss Universe host went from being homeless to building a reported $100 million (£70million) fortune after quitting his job as an insurance salesman.

Harvey opened up about how his decision to pursue his dream of a career in showbiz cost him his marriage to first wife Marcia, and almost destroyed his relationship with his daughters Brandi and Karli in an interview with People magazine.

After winning first prize at his first ever stand-up comedy performance, the former insurance salesman soon quit his day job.

"I had never even heard of a comedy club," the Family Feud host shared with the publication. "I didn't even know they existed."

"I'm married (to Marcia), I have twins (Brandi and Karli, now 33). I'm supposed to provide for them, but I had to take this chance," he recalled.

In his first year as a comic the father of four made just $3,000 as a comedian and unfortunately the strain took its toll on the his marriage and he and Marcia separated. They finalised their divorce in 1994, after which he admits his relationship with his daughters fell apart.

However, when they got older Brandi and Karli told their father that they understood why he made the decision to pursue his dreams.

"Years later they said to me, 'Dad, we didn't understand why you left us, but we know now you had to go. You didn't just belong to us. You belonged to the world,'" revealed Harvey. "That was emotional for me."

After a second failed marriage to Mary Shackleford, Harvey married third wife and "love of his life" Marjorie Bridges-Woods in June 2007. The couple share seven children between them.