The BFG director said in a new interview that The Hobbit films have kept Jackson from working on Tintin 2, but in the meantime they are collaborating on something entirely new.

Spielberg and Jackson collaborated on The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn, a global hit which raked in over $373 million (£280 million) at the box office. On Thursday (30Jun16), the veteran director revealed he is working on a secret project with Jackson - which isn't the Tintin sequel, Prisoners of the Sun.

"Peter was so busy with The Hobbit that it took him away from Tintin and he's doing another film for my company now," Spielberg told The New Zealand Herald's Time Out magazine. "It's a secret, nobody knows about it. Then after that he'll do Tintin."

A spokesperson for Jackson's film company, WingNut films, remained tight-lipped, except to say that the New Zealand-born director would be glad to talk about the project "at the right time".

Spielberg didn't clarify whether Jackson will be directing or producing the mystery project. He and Spielberg have collaborated with one another in both capacities: Jackson produced 2011's Tintin, and Spielberg was a producer and Dreamworks was the studio behind Jackson's 2009 adaptation of novel The Lovely Bones, starring Mark Wahlberg.