The Walking Dead star Yeun was handed the Actor of the Year prize at the Unforgettable Gala, which honours members of the Asian-American community for their achievements in arts and entertainment.

The Interview actor Park was given the special prize of the Mark of Respect Award in recognition of his high level of excellence in acting.

His Fresh Off the Boat co-star Constance Wu was named Female Breakout Star for her role as a strict mum on the popular U.S. sitcom, while Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. actress Chloe Bennet was presented with the Actress of the Year honour.

"When I first got out here (Los Angeles), I was told that I wasn't white enough to be the lead and not Asian enough to be the best friend," Bennet said during her acceptance speech. "Six years later, I'm three seasons deep in a major network show and that in itself is progress."

The event at the Beverly Hilton Hotel was slated to feature a performance from top South Korean pop act Oh My Girl, but eight members of the group were denied entry to Los Angeles on Wednesday (09Dec15), when customs officials were allegedly convinced they were sex workers after quizzing them at Los Angeles International Airport for 15 hours.

The Oh My Girl stars and their handlers finally gave up attempting to convince the authorities that they weren't sex workers and flew home to South Korea. An investigation into the girls' lengthy detention is reportedly underway.