Stevie Nicks thinks of Prince every time she heads on stage.

The Fleetwood Mac star thinks it is tragic that she never got to perform with the 'Purple Rain' hitmaker - who passed away in April 2016 at the age of 57 - but she always pays homage to him before she goes out to perform.

She said: ''The saddest thing of all is Prince and I never played that song onstage together. And that just breaks my heart. I guess we all think we're immortal - I always thought we had plenty of time. I should have told Prince 10 years ago or 15 years ago, 'Hey, Prince, we should do this song onstage together - some night, some city, call me.' But you know, I feel like Prince is with me. When I'm nervous, I'll talk to Prince. In my solo act, when I do 'Moonlight', I wear this white wolfy coat - I put this coat on and I try to transform into a Dire Wolf from 'Game of Thrones'. And before I go on, I always say, 'Walk with me, Prince.'''

And Stevie has no plans to stop performing live and making more music.

She added to Rolling Stone magazine: ''At the ripe and totally young age of 70, my voice hasn't changed. As long as I take care of myself, I am still going to be doing this when I'm 80. There's so many things I want to do.

''I want to do another record. I want to make a mini-series. If the coven reforms, I want to go back to American Horror Story. I tell myself, 'Do it now, because you're spry, you're in good shape, you can still do the splits, you can still dance onstage and wear a short skirt and high six-inch heels.'''