Stormzy has released a new track entitled 'Vossi Bop'.

The 25-year-old grime artist dropped his first new track of 2019 on Friday (26.04.19) in the form the song named 'Vossi Bop', after the viral dance that was born from Twitter user @NL_Vossi in 2015.

Stormzy had previously teased the track on his Snapchat story almost three years ago in September 2016, but now the song has finally been released on streaming platforms including Spotify.

Speaking to Julie Adenuga on Apple Music's Beats 1 radio, the rapper said of the track's origins: ''I met Vossi on the internet ... He went to get Supermalt, he was on his way back, and he was just dancing to this song. But it was just so infectious, and such a genuine joyous moment that for whatever reason, I went studio a couple weeks later, and I made this song called 'Vossi Bop.' But this is like three years ago, 2016 I made this song. Or 2015.

''And yeah, I just had the spirit of Vossi in me, and I was just like ... Yeah, it was very like, now that I think back on it, it just felt very from God, and very natural. Like yeah, this is my vibe right now. I think it just embodies everything that I'm about. The confidence, the humour, the style, the flair, the anarchy, the chaos, just the vibe. All of these things, I was like, 'This is me embodied.'''

Fans of the 'Big For Your Boots' hitmaker are hoping the new track signals plans for a whole album release later this year, which would mark his second studio venture after 2017's 'Gang Signs & Prayer'.

Stormzy is expected to wow crowds with his new single when he takes to the stage at the iconic Glastonbury festival in June this year, where he will be one of the three headline acts.