Susan Sarandon's pet pooch has died.

The 73-year-old actress has been left heartbroken by the passing of her beloved hypoallergenic Pomeranian Maltese mix dog - called Rigby - on Wednesday (08.01.20).

Taking to her Instagram account, Susan - who had Rigby for 14 years - uploaded a slideshow of pictures of her four-legged friend and wrote: ''Today is a sad day because last night, we lost our little Rigby. But we are grateful to have enjoyed her presence.

''She brought much light, love and laughs into many peoples' lives and she is missed. Thanks to the Heart of Chelsea Animal Hospital & Blue Pearl for their kindness and care care through the years and her final moments. (sic)''

The 'Dead Man Walking' star used to take her other dog Penny with her to work, but left Rigby at home because she ''eats everything she can find - every wire, every pill, anything.''

It's been a rough few months for Susan as back in November she was left with a fractured nose, a black eye, a bruised knee and concussion after she suffered a ''little slip.''

The 'Lovely Bones' star's injury meant she missed out on the chance to join her preferred presidential candidate, Senator Bernie Sanders, on the campaign trail.

She revealed at the time: ''A little slip = concussion, fractured nose, banged up knee. So, looks like I won't be able to meet the folks in New Hampshire with Senator Sanders tomorrow. I'm really sorry I'll miss that opportunity.''

However, she later said she felt ''lucky'' that she had Medicare to cover her medical bills.

She wrote on Instagram at the time: ''I'm lucky. I have Medicare to cover my visit to ER. Everyone deserves the same, not access, not pathway to, not option. M4A saves $. Nobody loses their home because of cancer, no rationing insulin. You know, like the rest of the free world. #bernie2020. (sic)''.