The singer had to bow out as a semi-finalist on U.S. reality show Dancing with the Stars in November (15) after falling seriously ill.

She was admitted to a Los Angeles hospital, where she was treated for blood clots in both of her lungs, and during her treatment, doctors discovered she was also suffering from compressed nerve issue, thoracic outlet syndrome.

The condition required surgery to remove a rib and the 38 year old returned to her U.S. daytime talk show The Real on Wednesday (16Dec15) to discuss her medical crisis with her vascular surgeon and cardiologist.

During the appearance, the experts revealed the two-hour long operation was essential "to remove the obstruction of her vein", and surgeon Dr. Allan Tulloch admitted her strenuous routines for the ballroom dancing show likely exacerbated her condition.

"Any increased activity would put you at an increased risk," Tulloch explained. "She was probably born with a predisposition, you know, just the way the muscles are, but certainly the more activity that you did I think would have put you at an increased risk for developing the problem."

Now Braxton is facing the possibility of more surgery in her future as she has a 10 per cent chance of requiring the same operation to remove a bone on the other side of her ribcage as it is also "not perfect".

Toni Braxton's younger sister insists she is back in good health, although she is not yet fully recovered.

"You know, I'm blessed, number one, beyond measure," she said. "I'm feeling fantastic. I didn't really know I was sick, but you know, I'm definitely on the mend. Some days are really tough.

"I'm what you call a pusher," she added. "So I am feeling great. And thank you guys for your prayers and your thoughts."