Tamsin Egerton drew up a list of acceptable nudity and sex acts for her latest film.

The British actress portrays Fiona Raymond, the glamour model and soft porn performer girlfriend of club owner and porn publisher Paul Raymond (Steve Coogan) in 'The Look Of Love' and was very particular with director Michael Winterbottom over what she would consent to being filmed.

She explained: ''I've had to put my foot down.

''Full-frontals I won't do. Sexual acts I won't do. There are things on a list and there are certain things in the script that I've spoken to Michael about.''

However, the 'Chalet Girl' star didn't stay fully clothed throughout the movie, but she is happy with the outcome of the scenes.

She told the Daily Mail newspaper: ''Fiona did take her clothes off, and part of the performance has to reflect that. You're always going to be wary, but Michael was a gentleman.''

And Tamsin, 24, is hoping the movie - which also stars Anna Friel and Imogen Poots - will be her ''gateway'' into ''grown-up'' roles.

She added: ''For me, it was going from teenage actress to playing a grown-up role: my gateway to showing more serious work.

''I communicated with Fiona via email, asking lots of questions. She kept saying this happened or that didn't happen, and I had to explain that I was playing the essence of her and I wanted to get that right.''

'The Look of Love' is scheduled for release next month.