AMERICAN PIE star Tara Reid is so desperate for some romance in her life, she's promised to get married on ELLEN DeGENERES' chat show if the comedienne finds her a man.

Reid, former fiancee of MTV personality Carson Daly, admits she's eager to settle down - and generous DeGeneres has now started up a campaign on her behalf to locate the perfect suitor.

DeGeneres says, "If you're looking for a girlfriend and if you think that Tara is the girl for you, we're gonna start a campaign. We're gonna launch 'Tara's Search for Love'."

As DeGeneres and her team prepare to comb through the barrage of 60-second tapes anticipated from Reid's admirers, the actress shares her personal preferences.

She says, "(I want) a nice guy. Nice, funny, good sense of humour, cute - obviously. Just a good guy.

"I'm gonna get married on Ellen you guys! I can see it. (If Ellen) finds me the guy I'll get married on the show... I would love to find a guy."

Reid also assures that men with low incomes need not be intimidated, adding, "I do okay so we're okay."

01/02/2005 02:23