AMERICAN PIE star Tara Reid is so paranoid about burglars entering her home, she's already planned an escape route.

The blonde actress admits that she has a mental map of what she plans to do should an intruder get into her Los Angeles house - and her preparations stem from childhood fears.

She explains, "I lived in New Jersey (as a child). We lived in the woods and the animals would knock over the garbage cans at night, so I would think it was people breaking in the house.

"So every night I'd wake up: 'Daddy! Someone's in the house!' My dad would get the baseball bat. He would be going down the stairs and no one was ever in the house.

"Even in my house here I have a (plan) if someone breaks in my house on where I'd hide. I have the whole pattern in my head like I'm crazy!"

20/01/2005 09:32