Actress Tara Reid's embarrassing boob-baring incident has made it into sleazy men's magazine Hustler even though she begged photographers to delete the shots taken at SEAN 'P DIDDY' COMBS' birthday party.

The party-loving star hit the headlines a month ago (DEC04) when her newly-enhanced left breast popped out of her evening gown as she was posing for cameramen on the red carpet outside the rap mogul's party.

As the thrilled snappers flashed away, it took an assistant to tell Reid what had happened and she quickly pulled up the strap of her gown before bursting into tears.

The snapshots leading up to the boob and Reid's tears were caught by Hustler photographers and they all feature in a double page spread in the new issue of publisher Larry Flynt's porn magazine.

Writer KEITH VALCOURT gloats, "Tara went up to the paparazzi immediately following the accidental unveiling and begged the shutterbugs not to release them. Of course, Hustler's lensmen ignored her fervent pleas."

The actress has addressed the incident, admitting she was sickened by the attitude of callous snappers who "high fived" each other after capturing Reid's most embarrassing moment on film.

31/01/2005 09:38