Tara Reid says her flight disturbance was because of her dog.

The 'Sharknado' star was removed from a flight after causing a disturbance prior to takeoff and she has now revealed it was because of her pet pooch.

She told Extra: ''They wouldn't let the dog sit next to me, so I wasn't going to stay on the plane. Of course everyone made a big deal about it ... I'm kind of used to that in my life. They always kind of pick on me.''

It was previously reported that the 42-year-old actress was sat on-board a flight to New York, but was annoyed that she wasn't given a window seat and that the person in the seat in front of her was reclined, causing her to feel cramped. She was also heard complained loudly about the situation and was frustrated at having not been given a pillow.

A Delta spokesperson at the time told TMZ that the plane eventually took off following a short delay, with Tara reported to have boarded an alternate flight.

Meanwhile, Tara recently admitted to having made some bad life choices, conceding she wishes she'd done some things differently.

The actress shared: ''I would do a lot of stuff differently. I wouldn't have gone out so much and been so crazy. When I started out, I wasn't aware I would lose all my privacy, so I was doing everything that your average 21-year-old does, but it was there for everyone to see. I should have made wiser choices about where to go and what to do, because that kind of all caught up on me and it changed everything.''