Tara Reid thought 'Sharknado' was the ''stupidest movie'' ever when she was shown the script.

The 42-year-old actress has portrayed April in the fantasy thriller for all six movies since the first film in 2013, but she has revealed she nearly didn't take on the role because she wasn't impressed by the concept.

She admitted: ''I remember when I received the script, I was like 'This is the stupidest movie I've ever read in my life.'

''And I was like, 'I'm not going to do it as this is just re*****d as sharks are there in LA and taking over Beverly Hills,' and I thought what a stupid movie.''

The 'American Pie' star - who is best known for playing Vicky in the comedy franchise and Bunny Lebowski in 'The Big Lebowski' - says it was her friends who changed her mind to take on the part for fun.

She added to the Daily Star Online: ''I was out to dinner with friends and I was telling them about it and they laughed so hard that it hurt.

''And they were like 'You have to do this movie, like, it's so funny.

'''You know, like, it's so bad that it's good.'''

The sixth movie and final instalment of the low-budget mockbuster from Syfy will see the return of Ian Ziering and Tara as shark-battling couple Fin and April Shepard.

Following the events of the fifth movie - which ended with Fin walking the streets of earth alone after it has been ravaged by man-eating storm - the story will see the hero attempt to time travel back to where it all started.

It has been reported that the film will also feature Nazis, dinosaurs, knights, and Noah's Ark as well as the dreaded Sharknado.

'Sharknado 6' will also see the return of Vivica A. Fox, Cassie Scerbo and director Anthony C. Ferrante.

The made-for-TV sci-fi disaster comedy franchise kicked off back in 2013 with the very first movie and followed a waterspout that lifts sharks out of the ocean and deposits them in LA.

Although it was first screened on Syfy, the film was given a one-night only special midnight screening in a cinema but it earned less than $200,000 from 200 screening