The American Pie star admits eccentric Busey kept going off script and delivering oddball rants on camera, and as much as she wanted to burst into laughter, she had to keep a straight face.

Tara admits she feared the original Point Break star would turn on her if she cracked up during a scene in Sharknado: The 4th Awakens.

"He has his own style about him," she tells Access Hollywood Live. "He goes on these rampages. It's not even improv; you don't even know where he's going with it...

"He was so nowhere near where we had been talking about (sic) that you wanted to laugh but you couldn't break because he would scream or go crazy.

"At one point, I couldn't handle it anymore and I just put my hair over my face, because I'm cracking up and I don't want him to see me... and then the girl who plays my daughter. I turn to her and she's crying... because she was afraid to laugh."

Busey is one of 70 guest stars in the campy new TV movie, which debuts in America on Sunday (31Jul16). David Hasselhoff also features, as does Bo Derek as Tara's mum.

But Reid admits she didn't know if she'd be back for a fourth Sharknado after film bosses agreed to let fans decide her character's fate: "You go for something and then you find out the next day if you win or lose... I didn't find out until seven months later. The fans were like, 'Do I keep voting?'"