Tara Reid has slammed Jenny McCarthy.

Tara walked out of her interview on Jenny's Sirius XM show last month when the star asked her questions about 'Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars' and whether she would get more plastic surgery, instead of talking about her movie 'Sharknado' and Tara is still annoyed.

She told Hollywood Today Live: ''We never even had beef, so I don't know where that came from. I think she actually purposefully did that to get ratings. Why else do that? It didn't make any sense. It wasn't like there's history there, because I've never met her.

''Something like that is so silly. We're here to talk about 'Sharknado' and to go into stuff that has nothing to do with something else and keep going and going and going. And they're saying like, 'Come on guys, let's be happy and talk about' Sharknado' and it didn't end that way. I was like, 'Good for you, Jenny. At least now people know you have a show.'''

And Tara, 40, insists she won't be returning to Jenny's show.

She said: ''I definitely don't think I'll be going on her radio show anytime soon.''

Meanwhile, Tara recently revealed she

Tara Reid doesn't trust her boyfriend Dean May, who she is starring in 'Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars' with.

She said: ''The moments on the camera are ... lights and, like, trying to be a star. ... I don't trust him - I don't know what he's going to say and do. Obviously, he has some master plan, which I don't have.''

Tara also told her co-star Toya Wright that the club promoter has been acting differently than she expected him to.

She said: ''When the show's on, he's trying to cause tension and look cool and make me look stupid. I never knew we were competing for this. I would have never done this.''