Taylor Swift threw the ''most aggressive holiday party'' to mark her 30th birthday.

The 'Lover' hitmaker feels ''so lucky'' to have marked her milestone birthday with some of her closest friends - including Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively, Jack Antonoff, Martha Hunt and Gigi Hadid - with a festive-themed bash.

She wrote on Instagram: ''Honestly spending my 30th with the fans who have made my life what it is at jingle ball, then throwing the most aggressive holiday party known to womankind ... I just seriously feel so lucky for you all and will spend forever trying to find ways to say thank you. *cries in Christmas tree* (sic)''

Taylor previously admitted she is approaching her thirties with a healthier outlook.

Speaking before her birthday, she said: ''I'm really excited about it. I've heard really good things about your thirties. Feeling a bit more secure ... a bit.''

And Taylor believes her age has helped her to analyse ''toxic messages'' about her body and improve her relationship with body positivity.

She added: ''One thing going into my thirties that I'm really stoked about is I now can really recognise and diagnose toxic messages being sent to me by society, by culture about my body. I'm a woman, I'm not a coat hanger. I need to feel healthy in my life, and I need to take pleasure in food, and I need to not use my body as an exercise of control when I feel out of control in my life.''