Taylor Swift has applied to trademark her cat.

The 29-year-old singer adopted Benjamin Button after he appeared in her 'ME!' video earlier this year and she's now applied for the rights to his name, after previously doing so for her other feline friends, Meredith Grey and Olivia Benson.

According to documents obtained by TMZ, Taylor has applied for the trademark 'Meredith, Olivia & Benjamin Swift', which would allow her to use the name for various merchandise, including clothing, phone accessories, toys, luggage, home furnishings,key rings, arts and craft kits, glassware, ornaments and colouring books.

In 2018, both Meredith and Olivia featured in some of the 'Love Story' hitmaker's merchandise.

Taylor previously revealed how she fell in love with ''cute'' Benjamin as soon as she saw him on the set of her video.

She explained to fans as she introduced him on Instagram: ''He was just a cute kitten who didn't have a home.''

Benjamin was part of a scheme that ''tries to get cute kittens adopted by putting them in commercials and stuff'' and the cat's handler asked Taylor if she wanted to hold the creature before their scene.

Taylor said: ''She handed me this tiny cat and he just starts purring and ... he looks at me like, 'You're my mom, and we're going to live together.' I fell in love. I looked at [collaborator Brendon Urie] and he's like, 'You're going to get the cat aren't you?' ''

The 'Blank Space' singer loves her animals because they're independent and are ''capable of dealing with their own life''.

She previously said: ''They're really great. They're very dignified. They're very independent. They're very capable of dealing with their own life. And if you fit into that on that day, they'll make some time for you. Maybe. I just really respect it.''