The Cat Scratch Fever singer, who joined the new President elect at a weekend campaign rally in Nugent's native Michigan, struggled to contain his excitement during a Facebook Live session on Wednesday (09Nov16) - the morning after his candidate narrowly beat Democrat Hillary Clinton at the polls.

"America still has a soul," Ted said. "Not everybody, but enough of us... We stopped the enemy.

"I'm actually a little teary-eyed this morning. We declared our independence, and we told Hillary Clinton we don't accept liars, scammers, thieves and rotten freedom-hating, constitution hating, conniving criminals to be president. Thank you, America, good going. Good work!"

And Nugent insisted he wasn't about to tone down his outbursts that have landed him in big trouble in the past, adding, "You know the only thing more dangerous than a sow grizzly bear cornered with cubs? Ted Nugent with more confidence! Oh, we're in deep s**t now. You thought I was hard-hitting before? Here I come again now baby, like a dog in heat... I've got you in a stranglehold motherf**kers, get the f**k out of my way."